Newsletter 4 – New Year

Wishing for 20/20 Vision in 2020!

Good morning everyone! I am writing this very first newsletter of the year, while I am quite unenthusiastically getting ready to pack to go back home. It really is a bitter sweet feeling, because Paris has been sooooo amazing, and the people really welcoming. This experience has truly been a milestone in my career and reaffirmed my commitment to my new life as a professional artist. I am however very excited and inspired to get back home, realising my new ideas for the next artworks and seeing old friends and loved ones (and my bath, yes definitely my bath) .

Why don’t pigs fly?

“Why don’t Pigs fly” is just a quirky little series I’m working on, in between two other big projects. Mostly for my own amusement, and I have to say, I truly enjoy it!. I will post updates regularly on social media, as I progress in completing all six of them.

What do you see?

As an artist, you are required to look at things a little differently, a little deeper. Paint that emotion behind the eyes, capture the magic that isn’t visible on the surface.

Time cannot erase

Do you know how much pain you carry inside of you? Can you name it, or does it just drift around in a muddy sea of confusion and grief?
 We mostly mask out our pain, ignoring it –

Beauty and Ugliness

Dear artist friend, thank you for subscribing to my newsletter and supporting my dream of becoming a full time artist. I would love to share

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