Postcards from Paris: Sous le Ciel de Paris

Artist: Annemie Odendaal
Title: Postcards from Paris: Sous le Ciel de Paris
Medium: Fine art print on acid free 200gsm Illford Smooth  
Edition: 20
Size: A4 print size
Framed: Oak coloured frame with navy mounting


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Once I arrived in Paris, I folded a new origami rabbit, and aptly called her Lapine (French for Rabbit). I then placed her in various Parisian settings, forcing myself to observe things from a different point of view, investigating my surroundings from a new perspective. Seeing the world through these glasses (a bit like Alice through the looking glass), I have discovered so much more than I could ever anticipate, evoking a deeper connection and process of honest interrogation of my surroundings, society, and myself. They are sketches of where I was playing around with origami rabbits in different settings in Paris, exploring new concepts to develop into artworks. This is a very intimate look into my process, as I started to doodle with ink in my tiny sketchbook to put down preliminary ideas on paper. This is where new ideas start, and I am delighted to share these sketches with you!

Dimensions 28 × 35 cm
small artworks

A5 and smaller


Framed, Unframed


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