An Accidental Artist

I still need to pinch myself sometimes when someone asks me what I do, and I say that I am an Artist. A real one. I am amazed on a daily basis when I realize how lucky I am to finally be doing my art full time. After an almost 20 years hiatus from art (after being a graphic designer), I could not deny this urge to express myself through my art anymore, so I left the business world by taking a very risky leap of faith, and here I am. Sitting at a café in Paris, doing my art. Amazing.

I am staying at the Cité des Arts in Paris for 3 months, by invitation of SANAVA, and really want to make full use of this incredible opportunity. The apartment, complete with studio, is located in the centre of Paris right on the Seine, so it cannot be easier getting around and being inspired by the wonderful architecture, art, food and fashion.

Being away from your normal day to day surroundings and responsibilities definitely opens your mind in a very different and creative way, which I am taking full advantage of. I have started by drawing all these new ideas in ink on paper and taping them on my wall. Seeing it every day helps me identify stronger and weaker pieces, and gives me time to rethink and improve each artwork. I usually did this with squiggly pencil sketches, but I found that the ink and brush method gives me a better, more finished picture of what I envision in a shorter amount of time, so I’m loving this new technique.

I can truly say that I am never happier than when I am busy creating. Fingers crossed, and let’s see what Paris drags out of me over the next few months!

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