Come Fly Away with Me

I have always loved the art of sculpting, but wasn’t sure how or if I wanted to seriously pursue it. I was particularly contemplating the idea with more curiosity after finishing my “Why don’t Pigs Fly” series, because I thought they would make the most adorable bronze sculptures! The one thing that held me back is that I didn’t have any knowledge exposure to help me kick-start this journey. While in France earlier this year though, I met an incredible sculptor, Nasa Kim Bo, and he truly inspired and encouraged me to take up sculpting. I was in awe of his work, and the philosophy behind his artwork.

That made me think more seriously with the idea I toyed with, so I frantically started googling to find someone to assist me in South Africa.

So that is where my journey really started. I came across Joyce Carreira’s work, and it just resonated with me. As soon as I was back, I scheduled a meeting with her and the what an interesting person! She is funny, witty and exceptionally talented. I spend some time in her studio, and the bug really bit me!! She showed me how they mould and pour bronze sculptures, and it was quite a thrill to see the whole process unfold right in front of my eyes. If you were wondering what my next step is? I am busy with my first wax mould and will keep you posted as this new journey of mine unfold! I am adding a video here so you can get an insider’s view of this process. You’re welcome 😉

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